Activist Extinction Rebellion arrested after assault agent

The police are removing the last activists from the Gustav Mahlerlaan on Amsterdams Zuidas road. They had chained and glued themselves to the ground. They are carefully loosened and removed from the intersection, reports the police. One of the demonstrators ran out to a police officer and was arrested for doing so.

An estimated 330 demonstrators of action group Extinction Rebellion were removed by the police on Friday at a junction on the Amsterdam Zuidas. One activist was arrested for assaulting a police officer. The officer was slightly injured

The lawyer of the arrested demonstrator, Willem Jebbink, commented: My client demonstrated peacefully and without violence. Fully in line with the way in which XR wants to carry out its actions. But nobody remains passive if the police inflict unnecessary pain. It is annoying that this has been portrayed in the media as ill-treatment of police officers. This is a deliberate misrepresentation. We need to get to the bottom of this

The rest has been taken away and administratively moved in buses belonging to the GVB transport company, in other words: taken away to be dropped off at the Melkweg sports park in Amsterdam North.

Some of the demonstrators who were lying on the street were lifted and carried away by officers. Under the cheers and applause of spectators, they were put on buses belonging to the GVB transport company and administratively moved, i.e. taken away to be dropped at a location that was still unknown.

Mayor Femke Halsema already announced on Thursday that the action group may demonstrate in Amsterdam in the coming days, but may not erect blockades.

Civil disobedience

The group then reacted on Twitter not to abide by the rules. Mayor Halsema announces that civil disobedience is disobedient. Thank you Captain Obvious. Our actions will of course continue. Because the climate crisis does not wait for politics, according to the international activist group.

The climate activists blame the large companies in the Amsterdam business centre for environmental pollution. According to them, the business community is counteracting stricter climate measures by means of smart lobbying. The companies in the Zuidas are blocking climate policy, then we are blocking the Zuidas. Lobby out, citizens in!, the activists argue. They made music, carried banners and flags and coloured the sky green and yellow with a smoke cannon. On the roads around the blockade dozens of spectators and passers-by had gathered. They were told by the police to get off the road and stay on the pavement behind the police tapes.

Over the next few days, Extinction Rebellion will be holding several actions for the climate, including on the Museumplein, under the banner of September Rebellion. In October last year, hundreds of climate activists occupied the Stadhouderskade near the Rijksmuseum for one day. Halsema also came the day before with an emphatic warning that occupation was forbidden.

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