Actor from That 70s Show must stand trial for rape of three women

American actor Danny Masterson (45) has to stand trial in Los Angeles for being suspected of rape three women. He can be sentenced to a term of 45 years in prison.

The women said during a hearing that they were raped by Masterson between 2001 and 2003. In those years he was on top of his fame as one of the protagonists in the TV series That 70s Show, which has also been broadcast in the Netherlands.

The women were members of the Scientology Church at the time. The actor still is. The women say they didnt report back then, because the Churchs doctrine did not allow it. The judge finds that explanation credible.


Masterson says the women volunteered to have sex with him. His lawyer attacked the women several times for contradictions in the statements they made.

He also said that prejudices against the Scientology Church played a part in the decision to proceed to persecution.

Masterson has been out on bail since his arrest in June.