Actress Anne Heche (53) dead after days in coma due to car crash

American actress Anne Heche has been taken off the ventilator and passed away, reports her friend Nancy Davis on Instagram. This morning, her family said that she had suffered serious brain damage in her car accident and that the chances of her survival were nil.

The 53-year-old actress drove into a house at great speed in Los Angeles in her car last week. Then the vehicle caught fire, after which the whole house was soon on fire. Since then, she was hospitalized in critical condition. After the crash, โ€œtraces of narcoticsโ€ were found in her body, although it is not yet clear whether this concerns prescription medication or drugs.

โ€œHeaven has a new angel. My loving, kind and lovely friend Anne Heche has gone to heaven,โ€ Davis writes on Instagram. โ€œI will miss her terribly and cherish the many wonderful memories we share.โ€

Organ donation

When Heches family announced her small chances of survival, they also said that Heche wanted to donate her organs and that she would remain on the ventilator until it was clear if her organs were suitable for them.

Anne Heche made her breakthrough in the 1980s as an actress in the soap opera Another World and later also had roles in well-known films such as Six Days Seven Nights, Donnie Brasco and Volcano. Also because of her former relationship with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, many people knew her.