Ad Infinitum Announced After Six Years

Nacon Connect delivered a not-so-usual announcement during the Nacon Connect presentation. Psychological thriller Ad Infinitum is far from a new project. Hekate first talked about it in 2015, and in 2016 released the first trailer that took a very warm time.

The game continued, but in 2018 the developers suddenly fell silent. After that, no news of Ad Infinitum appeared, and everyone concerned decided that the project was abandoned.

Now, Nacon announced the horror anew. We are waiting for the role of a German soldier who returned from World War I.

But although the war was over, its horrors remained with our hero. And he will have to return to the battlefield to restore the boundaries between nightmare and reality and find out the truth no matter how terrible it may be.

Players wait to meet nightmarish creatures, deadly traps and insane riddles. Gameplay will be largely based on stealth and complex decisions โ€” and decisions made will affect the course of further events.

AD Infinitum is on RS and consoles in 2023. More on Iromania Terminator: Resistance Authors Create Robocop Game โ€” Rogue City New Test Drive: Unlimited in Hong Kong and will be released September 22, 2022 Steelrising by authors GreedFall to be released in June 2022 โ€” first gameplay.