AD: last two EK games held by Easkie and Kuipers

The last two EK games are in Dutch hands. Danny Easkie whistles the semifinal between England and Denmark, while Björn Kuipers has to lead the final in good order.
The news has not yet been confirmed by UEFA: the European Football Association has only appointed Felix Brych for the first semifinal, between Spain and Italy. However, Het Algemeen Dagblad reports on the basis of ‘sources’ that the Dutch referees will receive the honorable assignments. Turkish media came out earlier this Sunday with news about Kuipers, which will be preferred over Cüneyt Çakir, among others.
Both arbitrators can prepare for their fourth performance of this tournament. The opening game between Italy and Turkey was easily whistled and later in charge of Finland-Russia and the eighth final game English-Germany. Kuipers managed the Denmark-Belgium and Slovakia-Spain pool phase and made the quarterfinals between Denmark and the Czech Republic on Saturday. Afterwards he was under attack because of an allegedly wrongly given corner, where a goal for the Danes came out. However, that did not stop UEFA from appoint it.
Kuipers will also provide a first. It will be the very first time a Dutchman has been in charge of a final at a major country tournament. The Oldenzaal arbitrator has already been appointed for the final of the Confederations Cup: in 2013 he whistled Brazil-Spain in Rio de Janeiro.