AD: next turn in ADO soap, Cosine promises five million euros

A next chapter in the everlonger ADO Den Haag soap opera: Hagenaar Anthony Rothengatter of Cosinus Group Capital Partners promises that he will transfer five million euros, making Cosine takeover candidate number one again.
It reports that Algemeen Dagblad. However, the ADO fans will keep a hit on the arm. The company has already been explicitly linked to the acquisition twice, but up to two times Cosine missed payment term after payment term. Later, the Lentze/Jol group seemed to be the biggest candidate, but that groups bid went last Friday.
However, Cosine is back in the picture, although the company still needs some thresholds. United Vansen, the current owner, must agree to the share transfer. And the first deal Cosine made with UVS included a penalty clause. There is another 2.5 million euros to be paid to the Chinese before signatures can be signed.
Should things go wrong with Cosine once more, there is careful movement from the municipality of The Hague. The Lentze/Jol Group sees the sale of the stadium as an important condition for taking over the club. For now, however, there is a hopeful look at Rothengatter and Cosinus Group Capital Partners.