Add Class Agent S.C.A.U.T. and Papuanica Continent to Lost Ark

On servers of the Russian-language version of Lost Ark launched a large-scale update with a number of notable innovations. The key was a new class โ€” Agent S. K.

A. U.

T. Abbreviation stands for โ€œagent of special control and analytical control of technateโ€, and the class became part of Archetype Shooter.

Thanks to his skills and ranged weapons, it is able to keep enemies at a distance. Also class owners have a personal drone that can be controlled autonomously or use joint skills & โ€” thanks to it, the operator increases mobility and rate of fire.

In addition, the Agent has two ultimative abilities in the arsenal: โ€œExplosion of the reactorโ€ โ€” the drone explodes and deals damage to enemies in the area; โ€œAirstrikeโ€ โ€” from the sky Drop shells that deal a lot of damage across the area. Also with the patch added the solar continent of Papuanica, in the depths of which ancient secrets are hidden.

Here players have to expel the demons of the Legion of Madness, meet the Keeper of Albion and help the daughters of harmony hold a local celebration. But thats not all: the โ€œCapture of Islandsโ€ mode appeared for guilds, opened Quamey Island, introduced additional tasks for characters, new dungeons and โ€œLegacyโ€.