Addon Endzone โ€” A World Apart: Prosperity is released on 21 October

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and studio Gentlymad have announced a release date for a major content addition to the Endzone strategy โ€” A World Apart. The Prosperity addon comes out on Steam and GOG on October 21. In addition, the developers have released a new gameplay trailer.

The Prosperity addon focuses on the period in the life of our settlements when post-apocalyptic threats are mostly eliminated, problems survival has been resolved, and the meager existence has come to an end. A new generation can afford to enjoy life โ€” and this is facilitated by new materials, buildings, trials, and adventures.

Although acid rain, sandstorms, rains, and radiation, still threatening the colonists, they can already enjoy some degree of luxury. Soaps, beer, cakes and coffee appear in the game, as well as sand, concrete, metal and cement for improved structures and buildings.

Endzone โ€” A World Apart came out on Steam and GOG in March, after a successful period early access. The studio managed to sell more than 350,000 copies of the game, and it received 3,800 positive reviews on Steam โ€” the game is recommended by up to 77% of buyers.

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