ADE fears for upcoming edition: ‘There has been impossible to steer on this policy for two years’

The organisation of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is concerned whether the event can continue next month and in what form. Directors Jan-Willem van de Ven and Meindert Kennis inform that in the run-up to Tuesday nights coronapers conference.

โ€œADE consists of many cross-cultural festivals, clubs, night cafes and events. This policy has been impossible for two years, especially with so much offer in different locations. Last year, the government pulled the plug on the event two weeks prior to ADE and we fear this year for the same scenario for no reason,โ€ said Van de Ven en Kennis about the event scheduled from 13 October.

The organisation is waiting to see what measures demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge will announce Tuesday night. โ€œDespite this, we will unbundle tonights most likely incomprehensible measures for the umpteenth time to see where ADE opportunities are next month.โ€

No dance events

On Monday, insiders reported that multi-day festivals will be possible again under conditions. Ruben Brouwer, the director of concert organiser MOJO, said in Op1 that De Jonge had asked to but no longer host dance events.

Van de Ven and Knowledge are baffled by those statements. โ€œThis is yet another proof of the disdain this cabinet has for the electronic music industry. In June, the sectors back want to score unmeasurably stupid popularity points to raise vaccination willingness to turn it around the neck through the back room. This cabinet then ignores the two biggest protests of the last fifteen years. As far as we are concerned, total disregard for the largest cultural export product in the Netherlands with this private deal tactic by the government with no valid arguments or legal grounds.โ€