“ADO candidates angry with governance, after accepting “substantial” lower takeover”

Real estate entrepreneurs Jeroen Lentze and Ed Maas were planning to take over ADO Den Haag, but seem to be moving at the shortest end and are rather annoyed about it. The Vanad party of ICT millionaire Ad Nederlof is likely to be the lucky one: VANAD‘s bid would be ‘substantially‘ lower, claims Lentze en Maas’s lawyer.
After taking out Martin Jol and the American World Soccer Holdings, two more parties were left. Lentze and Maas ‘at least ten million euros for the whole package’ claims their lawyer, whose statement has been revised by Omroep West. Nevertheless, Nederlof seems to be the battle to win the ADO shares, became clear earlier this week. ADO‘s management apparently accepted VANAD’s substantially lower bid.
This party would only want to pay two million, the amount ADO still holds from United Vansen, the current major shareholder. According to their lawyer, Lentze and Maas also want to take over the late payment of UVS, but at the same time pump extra capital into ADO. They question the club‘s practice. We express the hope, but not the confidence that ADO’s management has taken the decision on proper grounds and correctly, their lawyer expresses the discontent of the duo.
ADO has been involved in a fight divorce with UVS for months, but seems to be able to complete the acquisition in the short term. First, the interim proceedings initiated by the Chinese party should be hoped to come under its commitment of two million euros. However, the club lives here with confidence. ADO has seven weeks left to get the budget for the upcoming Kitchen Champion Division season in order, otherwise penalties may follow in the form of points deductions.