‘ADO on fire: shareholder knew about JOL plans and withheld information’

ADO The Hague is on fire, as a result of the takeover difficulties. Martin Jol wants to take over the club, but a number of ADOs movements do not like that: Harm de Boer, chairman of the influential shareholder HFC, plays a crucial role, according to leaked WhatsApp and e-mail traffic.
When the news about Jol
s takeover plans came into the media, ADO responded surprisingly. However, according to Omroep West, which holds a leaked internal e-mail from HFC, they were well aware of the plans of Jol, who is a member of HFC. In addition, Jol already had contact with club commissioner Frans van Steenis at the beginning of May, according to the leaked WhatsApp conversation. De Boer is now accused of withholding information and blocking Jols plans.
After the talks between Jol and the Chinese major shareholder United Vansen had started, the influential Dutch shareholders came up with ICT millionaire Ad Nederlof. ADO has now confirmed that the talks are ongoing.
The gate closer of the previous Eredivisie season also responded to Omroep West on the news about Jol: he was invited for an interview on 18 May, it sounds like.
Martin Jol has indicated that after deliberation with his advisors, he would let the request settle. Subsequently, the management continued with discussions with the remaining candidates who had reported to them with plans. At this moment โ€” Sunday 30 May 2021 โ€” Martin Jol has neither directly nor via UVS informed the management of ADO Den Haag or the restructuring expert what his plans are.