ADO ‘unpleasantly surprised ‘by our own supporters: ‘Disassociate us from this’

ADO Den Haag disapproves the behaviour of its supporters against FC Den Bosch. As the fans of The Hague were throwing fireworks and smoke bombs on the field, the game had to be temporarily discontinued. There were also several choirs audible.
ADO states in a statement that it is unpleasantly surprisedwhen hitting Den Bosch. โ€œWe disapprove and distance ourselves from the choirs, fireworks and disturbances of a small part of the people present in our stadium.โ€
โ€œAt ADO Den Haag we work hard to make football accessible to everyone,โ€ the club continues. ‘ADO The Hague wants to stress that it takes this matter very seriously and will use all the means available to detect and condemn those responsible for this misconduct. The investigation of the guilty is now in full swing. Regarding penalties, we are unable to make any notices pending the investigation. ‘
ADO eventually won the match 3-2, and Thomas Verheydt became the big man on the Hague side with a hat-trick.