Adoption investigation halts, new commission needs to restore trust

Demissionary Minister Dekker halts domestic adoption investigation between 1956 and 1984. There will be a new independent committee of inquiry that will look at the โ€œblack page in our historyโ€, where single mothers pressured their children for adoption.

Dekker has decided that the investigation should be redone because the victims, mothers and their children, lost their trust in the current investigation. Problems with a sign-in point caused a lot of things to go wrong, including privacy.

The demissionary Minister for the Protection of Justice believes these women deserve recognition. โ€œResearch into this period is essential. I listened to the wishes of distance mothers and their children, and then decided to restart the investigation.โ€

Settings list

Dekker thinks he can restore trust through new research. He says that in addition to the new investigation, there is also a look at ways to support the victims. โ€œFor example, many people have questions about their history. To help these people get started, there will be a list of settings and homes that involved distance and adoption.โ€

Nieuwsuur previously spoke to experience expert Will van Sebille, who gave her son up for adoption in 1967:

Before the new investigation begins, the Minister first talks with those involved about the chairs profile and the investigation assignment. He wants to put the committee to work early next year.

Victim organizations had pushed for new investigation. In addition to a restart, they also want compensation of โ‚ฌ2000 per person for the 800 people who participated in the initial investigation and whose privacy has been โ€œseriouslyโ€ violated.