Adrie Koster: I dont think I have much to complain about

Adrie Koster was a satisfied trainer after the victory of his Willem II at the Luxembourg Progrès Niedercorn (0-5). “I dont think I have much to complain about”, he acknowledged after the simple win.

Willem II led after 34 minutes already 0-3 in Differdange. “Then I knew it was all right”, said Koster in front of the camera of RTL 7. Koster had put his players at the heart in the run-up to the game, so as not to underestimate his opponent. “They didnt do that either”, said the experienced practice master. “We started the match well and thats half the work in these kind of duels”

There is a good chance that Willem II will receive the Scottish Rangers FC next Thursday for a game in the third preliminary round of the Europa League. Koster and his players are looking forward to that meeting “But on Sunday we will play another league game first”, Koster referred to a home game with Heracles Almelo.