Adult Swim to release new “Ventura Brothers,” “Metalopocalypse” and “ATHF”

Adult Swim has announced three full-length sequels of their projects — Metalopocalypse, Ventura Brothers and ATHF . In the case of the first story from the authors original about the band Dethklok will unfold after the rescue of the guitarist, when all the heroes have to choose between their ego and a better world. But to achieve the goal and create a song that will be a salvation for everyone, they will have to go on a dangerous adventure while the rest of humanity is immersed in chaos.

2003 year and lasted for 4 seasons, then ending with a special episode in 2013-m. The plot of the new Ventura Brothers parodying fantasy films and series will tell about another Docs invention, which can either bankrupt the brothers or vice versa bring them golden mountains.

In addition, the heroes are threatened by a certain woman from the past. ATHF (or Fast Food Team) directly continues the plot of the animated series about fast food heroes from New Jersey.

Viewers will learn the fate of heroes who consider themselves fighters with crime – despite the fact that they never really encountered it. The original project was published for 11 seasons since 2001 All cartoons will first come out on media and digitally, and then appear on Adult Swim and HBO Max.

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