Adventure platformer Little Bug is coming out on consoles

Fig Publishing, backed by RedDeer Games, will release Buddy System‘s cute adventure platformer Little Bug on consoles this year. On Steam, the game was released in 2018 and garnered positive reviews. And before the end of the year, it will appear on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Little Bug is based on unusual mechanics. The main character finds herself in a strange world where she must cope alone.

But a special ball of light comes to her rescue, with which she finds herself connected. And that connection allows her to overcome obstacles and escape from dangers.

Players have to control both the girl and the sphere at the same time. We have an unusual world full of dangerous evil spirits, an original art style, two playable characters linked unbroken thread, lots of secrets, care for a wounded SEAL and hidden bonus levels.

There are enough checkpoints in the game, allowing you to choose the tempo of the game. More on Gamemania NVIDIA Adds DLSS to Ten More Games, Including Baldur’s Gate 3 and Chivalry 2 Remake of Classic Pinchcliffe Grand Prix to Release on Steam and Nintendo Switch Fallout 3 untethered from Games for Windows Live.