Adventure puzzle game Where Cards Fall will be released on November 4

Studio The Game Band, known for baseball horror Blaseball, has announced a new release date for its immersive adventure puzzle game Where Cards Fall. The game, previously only available on Apple Arcade, will appear on Steam, Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch on 4 November. Developers assure that RS has been the main development platform since the project began almost ten years ago.

So the control is not migrated from mobile devices, but made specifically for the mouse and keyboard. The Switch.

Where Cards Fall version boasts the same. In Where Cards Fall, we have to live a life, building the heros path through the dangers and complexities of growing up using map builds.

There are more than half a hundred complex spatial puzzles, a unique artistic style and emotional storytelling. More on CCeit To horror adventure The Invincible have released the teaser trailer of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is released early access November 11 IGN revealed the first 15 minutes of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.