Adventure puzzle The Rewinder is released on September 10

Gamera Game publishing house and Chinese studio Misty Mountain have named the release date for pixelated adventure puzzle The Rewinder. The game will appear on Steam on September 10, and for the time being on its page you can find a free demo. The Rewinder is based on Chinese mythology and stylized for ancient Oriental painting.

We are waiting to meet traditional heroes of Chinese folklore, including the guardians of the outside and the spirit guardians, as well as the Tudi Gongom. Our hero, Qi Yun, who possesses the ability interfere with other peoples memories, sent to a remote village to find out why one of the spirits is not being reincarnated.

But at the site, he finds that the village is filled with disgruntled spirits, and of the inhabitants the only woman is left. He will have to learn what happened here seven years ago.

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