‘Adventures of Paddington 2’ lost ‘perfect’ rating to Rotten Tomatoes

The sequel to Adventures of Paddington lost a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes due to one review. Previously, the most popular films of the resource according to critics was Citizen Kane, but someone managed to add a negative review of 80 years ago to the tape, because of what on the first place climbed Paddington. However, now this ribbon has suffered a similar fate.

Critic Eddie Harrison billed the film a score of 2 bp 5, noting that both parts lack any charm. And later, the author himself said that he scolded the second tape back in 2017, when it saw the light.

Why the text is noticed only now is unclear. In total, professional reviewers left 246 reviews of the picture, with regular viewers more than 5,000.

And in the second case, the rating is equal to 87% freshness. Because of all this story, the first place of the service now found the 2018 drama Leave No Trace.

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