AEX under 600 points, Aegon and KPN at the head

The AEX recorded just below 600 points on Tuesday at lunchtime. Investors took gas back after the advance in the past few weeks. The positive news about the corona vaccines continued to provide support, but there are concerns about the negative economic impact of the corona measures. Aegon and KPN led the AEX, Arcelor became the big loser.

The AEX was 0.4% lower at 599.8 points at 12 oclock. The AMX dropped 0.2% to 874.2 points.

Most other European scholarships also returned. The British FTSE 100, the German DAX and the French CAC 40 fell 0.6%, 0.2% and 0.2% respectively.

Asia ditch divided.

The American index futures pointed to a slightly higher opening of the Nasdaq and a slightly lower opening of the Dow Jones, after the pluses of 0.8% to 1.6% on Monday.

Investors took it easy in volumes. Several stock market indicators hit the highest level in nine months on Monday in response to positive reports about coronavaccins.

The continuous increase in the number of hospitalizations of coronapatics in the US to a record on Monday pushed the mood. ,, The market consolidates some, despite this, it remains a solid trading day. The AEX holds well, after the futures went down in New York afterstock and Asia went through a change,โ€ says trader Frank Bonsee of ABN Amro.

,, The AEX comes in three weeks from 520 to 600 points, which is strong. Then it is not uncommon for the index to look for its level, to continue from there. The quarterly figures of companies are over, the focus is on central banks that reported to consider additional support in December.โ€


fact that this morning business banks Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley all became more positive by 2021 also supported. The German ZEW Institute reported a 5 point stronger growth in China than previously calculated.

The euro rose 0.2% to $1.8747. Brent oil became a fraction more expensive to $43.80 per barrel. Gold and silver remained flat. Bitcoin won 0,3% to $16,760.

Steel loses Steel

at the Dutch main funds landed steel giant ArcelorMittal with a minus of 1.7% below.

Transmitter Randstad, food and detergents group Unilever and Shell followed with a drop of 1.3%.

Prosus fell by 0.4%, despite a price target increase from โ‚ฌ112 to โ‚ฌ128 by British bank Barclays. The tech investor reported Monday evening in an interim report that the past six months had gone well and the consequences of the coronapandemic were limited.

Insurer Aegon took the lead with a profit of 1.6%.

Just Eat Takeaway won 1%. On Monday, the meal delivery company was the biggest downward, expecting the vaccines to ensure that the restaurants will open again in a few months.

ABN Amro increased 1.1%, in response to the announced departure of the Financial Director.

Among the medium-sized funds, TKH excelled with a profit of 4.3%. The technology company has become less gloomy about the impact of the coronapandemic and increased its profitability expectancy.

Air France KLM deteriorated 1.1% after the jump on Monday in response to the vaccine booster.

Pharming biotechnology company was the largest fall at a minus of 2%.

Smallcap Sif climbed 3.1% after receiving an order for a wind farm off the coast of England.

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