Afflicted payment affair speak with Rutte in Catshuis for five hours

A group of duped parents in the payment affair met Prime Minister Rutte, Minister Hoekstra and Secretary of State for Huffelen for about five hours in the Catshuis. At the end of March, they sit back together again.

Some parents were invited in January to talk to some of the administrators about their current situation. Among other things, they want a faster handling of their financial problems.

Prime Minister Rutte, Secretary of State Van Huffelen and Minister Hoekstra of Finance met the waiting parents at the fence around 13.30 p.m., and together they walked in. A group of about 40 protesters involved stayed outside.


The invited parents hope to be relieved of their debt soon. โ€œWe want our case to be dealt with in one day. We want us to be fraudulent quickly,โ€ said one of the parents. โ€œWe have been promised a lot, but nothing will happen,โ€ says one of those affected.

At the end of December Van Huffelen promised to compensate all the victims at least 30,000 euros. But that amount has often not yet been paid. Van Huffelen wants to be cautious, so as not to immediately claim the amount paid by creditors.

Prior to the Catshuis conversation, Rutte said that the conversation is mainly intended to โ€œlistenโ€ and โ€œexplainโ€. The Prime Minister also wants to learn from the stories of the victims. โ€œWe want to show that we hate what happened.โ€

Fraud Hunting

mid-January, the Rutte III cabinet resigned due to the destroyed conclusions on the tax administrations payment affair. Thousands of people were wrongly labeled as fraudsters and had to reimburse the childcare allowance, which put them into serious financial difficulties.