Afghan baby handed to American military in Kabul without a trace

An Afghan couple who gave their baby to an American military man during the chaos at Kabul airport on 19 August, do not know where the child is today three months later. Presumably, the child was evacuated to the US, but it is unclear where to go. That‘s what the man and the woman tell Reuters news agency. They themselves have now also been evacuated to America.

Mirza Ali Ahmadi (35) and his wife Suraya (32) had gone to the airport after the Taliban took over to the airport in the hope of fleeing the country. Tens of thousands of other desperate Afghans gathered outside the gates.

Because of the chaos that arose, the father handed over the two-month-old Sohail to American military so that the child would not be crushed. Images of that went around the world.


Mirza Ali was under the assumption that he would have his child back if he entered the airport. But once he and his family were inside, baby Sohail was nowhere to be seen. Mirza Ali asked everyone he encountered where his baby was. He was told that children were being taken to a secluded place inside the airport. But when they got there, that place was empty.

To the U.S.

the end, the father of the military was told that the child was presumably evacuated. The family itself ended up on an evacuation flight to the United States via Qatar and Germany. The family is now in Fort Bliss in Texas where they wait with other Afghan refugees for them to be placed somewhere in the United States.

In the interview with Reuters, Mirza Ali says he’s been living in a haze for months. The child‘s mother says she’s just crying. โ€œEveryone promises they‘ll do their best to find Sohail, but they’re just promises.โ€

The U.S. Department of State says the government is working with the international community โ€œto investigate every possibility of locating the childโ€.