Afghan boys back to school, Taliban silent about girls

Boys in Afghanistan will be able to go back to school from tomorrow, let Taliban Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani know in a statement to Reuters news agency. If and when girls are allowed to return to school is not mentioned in the statement.

More than a month after the Taliban took the capital Kabul, most schools in the country are still closed. According to the group, they did not command it, but it would still be too dangerous to teach.

Study under Conditions

Only girls up to 12 years of age were welcome at the schools that did open. Girls high schools stayed shut.

Volunteers remain committed to education in Afghanistan:

The Taliban announced last week that they do not intend to ban education for women altogether. Last week it was announced that women will be allowed to continue studying at a university under conditions. For example, they have to wear a headscarf, separate them from male students and only take lessons from female teachers.

Evacuation Flight

Since the Taliban took over the country, not only education has remained silent, but also the economy and everyday life. Although the evacuation flight operation has been halted, there are still people who want to leave the country. For example, Dutch people are on the evacuation list.

29 of them have flown to Doha with 170 other passengers from Kabul airport today, the State Department writes on Twitter. It was the third chartered flight to leave Kabul following the departure of the United States Army. Whether Afghans have also been evacuated on this flight is unclear.