Afghan child (5) died in Poland after eating poisonous mushrooms

An Afghan preschool child (5) died in Poland after eating poisonous mushrooms. The boy‘s 6-year-old brother is dying, doctors say.

The two boys had been evacuated with their families last month from their homeland, where the extremist Taliban movement seized power. They arrived in Poland on August 23 and would have eaten the mushrooms one day after their arrival.

A children’s hospital in capital Warsaw confirmed on Thursday that the youngest child died. His older brother got a liver transplant this week, but it‘s very much to ask if his life can still be saved.

Justice has initiated an investigation after the poisoning of the children. Authorities have contradicted reports that the boys ate mushrooms because they didn’t get enough food at the shelter in Podkowa Lesna. They would have received three meals a day there.

Poland has evacuated 1231 people from Afghanistan due to the Taliban‘s takeover of power. The poisoned boys and their families would have been taken at the UK’s request. Their father has reportedly worked for the British Army for years.