Afghan child again died after eating poisonous mushroom in Poland

In Poland, a second Afghan child died after eating poisonous mushrooms. Its the 6-year-old brother of the 5-year-old boy who died on Thursday due to the same cause. The child had had a liver transplant earlier this week, but to no avail.

The children had been evacuated from Afghanistan with their families in August, after the radical alislamitic Taliban movement took over power. They arrived in Poland on August 23 and would have eaten the mushrooms a day later. A few days later they were hospitalized. The brothers 17-year-old sister had also eaten from the fungi, but she was released from the hospital.

Justice investigates poisoning. Authorities contradict reports that the children had eaten the mushrooms because they were underfed at the shelter in Podkowa Lesna. They would have received three meals a day.

Poland has evacuated 1231 people from Afghanistan since the take-over by the Taliban. The poisoned children and their families were reportedly taken at the request of the United Kingdom because their father allegedly worked for the British Army for years.