Afghan comedian killed by Taliban: he kept joking to the end

An Afghan comedian active on video platform TikTok was murdered by Taliban fighters. His throat was slit. From moments just before the murder, new images have emerged on which Nazar Mohammad, better known as Khasha Zwan, is beaten several times.

Zwan was taken from his house in Kandahar. The Talibans lightning-fast advance cost him his life at the end of July, Human Rights Watch reports. Even after his arrest, Zwan continued to make jokes according to Daily Mail, which can be made out of videos. Muslim fundamentalists hit him with a gun in the face while he was taken in a car. He was found dead by a tree.

The Taliban confirm his death, but would reject the self-handed execution. According to the radical movement, the perpetrators were arrested. Zwan leaves a wife and daughters. He used to work for Afghan National Police. In recent years he has been recording videos of himself on social media, in which he also recorded the Taliban on the heel.

UN: Taliban executions and protest suppressed

The United Nations received reliable reports of executions by the Taliban, reports UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet. The UN has also had reports of the restriction of womens rights and the suppression of protests against the Taliban.

Bachelet asks the UN Human Rights Council to closely monitor the Taliban. The Council held an urgent meeting on the situation in Afghanistan on Tuesday. Bachelet asks the Taliban to live up to their statements about the position of women under their new regime.

Shortly after the power takeover, the radical slam group said that women should continue to go to school or work and not necessarily have to wear burkas. Even when that commitment was made, several Afghan areas revealed that women were not allowed to work anymore and were not allowed to work alone on the streets.

The European Union has announced to increase emergency support for Afghanistan from โ‚ฌ50 million to โ‚ฌ200 million. This is on top of contributions from EU Member States, reports European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter. Later in the day, at the G7 summit, the emergency support will be officially announced. The aid would depend on how human and womens rights are respected in Afghanistan.

How now in Afghanistan? That discusses Jorrit Kamminga, author of the book โ€œThank you Bin Ladenโ€ in the podcast Delta Tango: