‘Afghan football talent killed in flight from Kabul with army plan’

A boy who has still played football for the Afghan national youth team was found dead in the landing gear of an American army plane.

Zaki Anvari, like many fellow countrymen, was desperate to flee the land conquered by the Taliban and bought it with his life.

Anvari‘s body was found by American soldiers after the aircraft made an emergency landing in Qatar. The young man would have been 19 years old. According to his social media profile, he lived in Kabul. When he was 16 years old, he played football for Afghanistan’s national youth team.

On social media, friends and family members pay tribute to him. โ€œA friend with whom I made the most memorable memories of my life. His loss is unimaginable,โ€ someone writes. Others also describe him as a very sweet and warm person.

Fallen In

the past few days, horrible images showed how Afghans clung desperately to departing planes at Kabul Airport and then fell down tens and sometimes hundreds of meters after takeoff.

According to a U.S. Army officer, the soldiers on board noticed that something was wrong when the landing gear could not collapse after takeoff. When landing, it was found that in the room where the wheels normally collapse were stowaways.