Afghan government releases 200 severely punished Taliban fighters

The Afghan government has released almost 200 Taliban fighters from prison. They are part of a group of 400 severely punished Taliban. Last month, Afghan parliamentarians determined that the fighters should be released.

The release should allow peace talks between the Taliban and a representative of Afghan society to begin. The release is part of an agreement between the Taliban and the United States in February on the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

One of the Taliban’s demands was the early release of 5,000 fighters from prisons. Thousands of Taliban fighters have already been released, but the last 400 prisoners were only decided on last month; they are Taliban associated with terrorist attacks. Approximately 150 of them were sentenced to death.

Twenty years of war over

The Taliban fighters were released from a prison in the capital Kabul. Around the same time, the Taliban released six members of the Afghan security forces, whom they had been detaining for some time.

It is not clear when the last 200 captured Taliban fighters will be released. The peace talks are expected to begin within a few days.

The peace negotiations should put an end to almost twenty years of war in Afghanistan.