Afghan interpreters with destination the Netherlands are on the way

Dozens of Afghans coming to the Netherlands were able to leave the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday. The 46 Afghans have flown to Pakistan, the Foreign Ministry said. There are also a number of interpreters among the evacuees.

According to the ministry, 42 people who are covered by the interpreting scheme. It would be eight interpreters, the rest are members of interpreters. It also includes three people on an evacuation list and an Afghan with a Dutch residence permit.

It is the first time interpreters have been allowed to leave the country by plane since the end of the evacuation at the end of August. Translators have already fled to neighboring Pakistan via the country. They were accommodated there by the Dutch embassy in Islamabad, which also takes care of the further journey to the Netherlands.

According to the ministry, the 46 Afghans travel has become possible through โ€œgood cooperationโ€ with the Pakistani authorities. The group has to arrange a number of formalities in Pakistan after which they can be transferred to the Netherlands.

The cabinet announced its intention to include around 2100 Afghans in the Netherlands on Monday. This is done under pressure from the House of Representatives, who had adopted a motion calling on the Cabinet to bring all Afghans who helped the Dutch military mission.