Afghan woman gives birth on board an evacuation flight from Kabul.

A special flight for Turkish Airlines staff. On board an evacuation flight, an Afghan woman gave birth on Saturday. Soman Noori, the 26-year-old woman, had contractions during the flight. The aircraft crew helped the woman give birth and that‘s how the girl, who was named Havva, was born.

The woman was on a flight from Dubai to Birmingham from Turkish Airlines. She brought the baby into the world without the help of a doctor.

Noori traveled with her husband and their two children. During childbirth, the plane landed in Kuwait as a precaution before moving to Birmingham. The family landed in England at 11.45 a.m., with three children.

According to the airline, mother and child are in good health.

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Airplane Babies

It is more common for a mother to bring a child into the air. Last Saturday also gave birth to an Afghan woman aboard an evacuation flight. What nationality do these ‘plane babies‘ get?

A baby may have the nationality of parents (ius sanguinis) or the nationality of the country above which the plane is currently located (‘ius soli‘). These rules vary from country to country, so nationality depends on the laws of the parents’ country and the laws of the country above which the child is born.

A baby born over international waters often gets the nationality of the parents or country in which the aircraft is registered.