Afghanistan girls are no longer allowed to go to high school

The schools are open again, including in the country of Afghanistan. However, in high schools, only boys are allowed to enter. Girls are no longer welcome there. They are rules of the violent group the Taliban, which now has the power in the country.

Many girls are angry and sad that they are not allowed to go to school now.

For a month, the Taliban has had power in Afghanistan. They have strict religious rules. Men must have a beard and there are rules about what clothes girls and women should wear and not.

Correspondent Aletta Andrรฉ follows the news in Afghanistan for the Youth News from India.

However, according to Aletta Andrรฉ, there is still hope, because although Taliban leaders do not open girls secondary schools now, they have not banned school for girls either.

So studying at home or teaching aid organizations should still be possible. Also, there are so many girls who want to go to high school now that there are probably more protests coming up.