Afghans in Panjshire Valley Continue to Resist Taliban: Both Camps Claim Success

The last stronghold of Taliban opponents in Afghanistan will also be fighting on Thursday. There is a lot of ambiguity about the course of the battle in the Panjshir Valley because journalists can barely get there. Both camps claim their opponents have suffered severe losses.

In Panjshir Province, after the fall of capital Kabul, several thousand armed opponents of the radical Taliban, who have already largely taken over the country, have gathered together. The Muslim extremists say they have surrounded the valley as well. Negotiations between the two camps appear to have fumigated. Taliban fighters would have managed to shut down the valley from the internet and telephony. Access roads are also blocked.

The Taliban stated on Thursday that they had land profits. โ€œWe started our operation after negotiations with a local armed group failed,โ€ reports a Taliban spokesman. โ€œThey have suffered severe losses.โ€

The group of militia and former military personnel who have been entrenched in the mountainous area contradicts that. The so-called National Resistance Forces say they are still in control of all access points to the valley. A spokesman stated that the Taliban has suffered major losses.

The warring parties have provided no evidence to substantiate their claims.

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That makes it tricky to verify exactly how many fighters have died. In the meantime, the Taliban seem to be getting ready to present a new government. That might happen Friday.