African swine fever detected in German breeding

In Germany, for the first time, an outbreak of dreaded African swine fever (AVP) has been detected in commercial breeding. So far, the virus infection only hit wild boar, especially in the east of the country near the Polish border. The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut confirmed the infection on a bio-farm in Neiße-Malxetal, southeast of Cottbus. The 200 animals are being cleared, probably this weekend.

The Ministry of Consumer Interests in Brandenburg also informed that the disease was detected in two pigs that someone from Letschin kept as pets. These have already been finished and destroyed.

The state government wants to prevent this highly contagious swine fever from transferring to other farms at any cost. We are the outpost for all Western Europe, Minister Ursula Nonnemacher said Friday. We absolutely need to prevent AVP from expanding further west. Were still trying to figure out how this virus transmission came about. A protection zone is set around the two contamination spots.