African Union suspends Mali after coup détat, threatens with sanctions

After the second coup détat, Mali was once again suspended in nine months by the African Union, a political union of all African countries. If the military regime does not quickly give way to a civilian government, there may be sanctions, the African Union says in a statement. Early this week, Mali was also suspended by Ecowas, a partnership of West African countries.

Elections have been scheduled for 27 February 2022 since last years coup détat, and an interim government was appointed in the run-up to it. In the ministries of Homeland Security and Defence, high-ranking soldiers were placed, who were involved in the coup détat.

When they were replaced at the end of May, Vice President Goita, Colonel in the Malian Army, came into action. He had President Ndaw and Prime Minister Quane imprisoned until they gave up their duties. Goita himself became the new interim president.

Whether the elections will take place in February next year is by no means certain. The African Union says that the current leadership should not under any circumstances make itself available for the presidency that Mali would then go to the polls for. The Union believes that the citizen-led transition period should be resumed as soon as possible.

French troops

Mali has also been struggling with the presence of Islamic terrorists for years. It is feared that groups such as Al Qaeda and Islamic State benefit from instability. France has troops in the country to help fight Muslim extremists.

President Macron said in response to the coup détat that he may be bringing his troops back from Mali. Our priority in Mali is to fight terrorism. The presence of our troops is not enough in that fight. It is also necessary to strengthen stable and legitimate institutions.