After 49 matches, first change for Van Dijk: ‘No worries, but no idea. ‘

Virgil van Dijk played his first 49 games of this season from start to finish, but had to be switched for the first time after the regular playing time of the FA Cup final. The central defender does not think his injury is serious, but is in the dark.

Liverpool is still playing league matches against Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Champions League final against Real Madrid this season. Van Dijk hopes to be there, despite his injury. โ€œIt was a ball in the channel, which I intercept and I play it back to Alisson. And I felt… Not a handsome, but I find it difficult to describe. It was at the knee, but a little higher in my calf,โ€ said the central defender talking to Ziggo Sport.
During halftime, his knee was already examined. โ€œStrong, all the trimmings. But it could be, for example, that irritation has arisen, that causes nerves and things to become trappedโ€, he speculates. โ€œIts the first time I feel this, can also have to do with fatigue. Do I worry? No, Im not worried, but its annoying. Because I have no idea what it is. Were going to check it out, Ill do everything I can to get back fit as soon as possible, Tuesday or Sunday or else the Champions League final of course.โ€

Dont worry, but dont have the slightest idea what it is ๐Ÿ™„ @wytsevdgoot, of course, talked FA Cup winner Virgil van Dijk about the victory, but also about his injury #ZiggoSport #MatchoftheDay #CheLiv #FaCupFinal
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