After 5 years Ebola again in Guinea

For the first time in five years, cases of Ebola have reappeared in the West African Guinea. Four people have died of the disease and at least four others have been hospitalized.

In 2013, an outbreak of the disease in the country led to a long-standing epidemic that caused more than 11,000 deaths in several countries. In 2016, World Health Organization WHO declared the country Ebola free.

Now the disease appeared after the death of a nurse, who was buried on February 1. Several people attending the funeral showed symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding. A patient would have tried to flee but was later hospitalized.

Vaccination campaign

The WHO says to keep a close eye on developments. Previous outbreaks could be quickly controlled with a vaccine developed after the previous major outbreak in the region.

For example, the Congo was declared Ebola free last November after a vaccination campaign for 40,000 people. In the country 130 cases were detected in six months, 55 of whom died.