After a harsh journey, Angenent finishes in Leeuwarden: ‘Totally broken. ‘

Henk Angenent, the winner of the famous Elfstedentocht in 1997, has managed 24 years later to ride the Elfstedentocht again today, on Sunday 14 February, on Sunday. The former sprout star started together with good Frisian friends Syb van der Ploeg, the singer of de Kast, his brother and Martin Matser. Once over the finish line and despite the fact that he took large parts in the car, the joy of the skater and his loved ones is great. โ€œIt was something. Im completely broken and my knee hurts.โ€

After arriving in Leeuwarden, Angenent plunges into the arms of family and friends. After about ten hours on the ice, he came over the finish line exhausted. In between he was in the car several times, among other things because of knee problems. The fifties are going to rest at a luxury hotel tonight.

The condition of the 53-year-old Angenent was put to the test on Sunday. In Dokkum in the north of Friesland, the skater resumed his journey after skipping Harlingen, among others. An optimistic Angenent: โ€œIts only 24 kilometers! Its cold and rude.โ€ The skating trip took place in the beginning along Sneek and at the last Bartlehiem. Before dark, the skater hoped to arrive at the end point in Leeuwarden. And that finally succeeded after 10 hours of struggle under great media coverage.

Angenent and his two friends got off the skates around 3pm and drove by car from Bolsward all the way to Dokkum. Harlingen was skipped because of the bad ice. Also elsewhere in Friesland people quickly went off the (melting) ice after several warnings.

14.15 hours Towards Bolsward

Henk Angenent has attracted the skates again after a short stop in the car. He did so in Parga, where Syb van der Ploegs daughter encouraged the ice eaters along the side. The couple of friends have been reunited. Bolsward is the next destination.

The gentlemen arrived earlier at the Waterpoort of Sneek. Henk: โ€œIts good, although we did have to take off the ice cream a few times, at some bridges.โ€ His wife Sannah is ready with coffee and cake, but he skips the group: โ€œIts too early to take a break.โ€

โ€œ The men checked the route yesterdayโ€, says 53-year-old Henk Angenent prior to the trip, which started at Leeuwarden. โ€œThe ice is not as good as in 1997, but waiting longer was irresponsible. And were ready to screw. It pours oan.โ€

Below is a course of the tour:

13.30 hours Temporary interruption

Henk Angenent temporarily interrupted his trip due to an old knee injury. The sportsman is now in the car and is driving to Workum. His two companions of De Kast will skate through.

Henk Angenent is planning to continue on the skate again.

12.45 hours Almost in Hindeloopen

Angenent and his friends are almost in Hindeloopen. They had to use the car from Warns to Stavoren because of the low quality of the ice. Angenent has indicated that he is still cold.

Henk Angenent clumping:

10.55 h Pause with snert and chocolate milk

Around 10.45 a break is held in Sloten. Theres chocolate milk and snert. The gentlemen are now off the ice until after Balk: the ice is too bad.

So far, theres been about 40 to 45 kilometers. The quality is nice, but also has a changeable character. Angenent: โ€œIm cold.โ€ He just put too few clothes on this morning. Yet he is enthusiastic: โ€œIts great. I enjoy tremendously.โ€ So far, the winner of 97 has fallen once: โ€œAt Sneek, because I wasnt paying attention.โ€