After article on future of PlayStation, internet asks Sean Layden to return to Sony

In the afternoon, Jason Schreyer published a big article about the development vector of PlayStation – it consists in focusing on the release of expensive blockbusters from eminent developers, while even successful games scale smaller like Days Gone are no longer interesting company. Against the background of this material on the Internet remembered the previous head of internal studios PlayStation Sean Leydon and his speech at E3 2014 about the classic Vib Ribbon. โ€œPreviously, I was glad to mention one of the most iconic games of our time โ€” Vib Ribbon.

My personal favorite that epitomizes the spirit of the PlayStation. She wasn‘t a multi-million dollar hit, but it’s beside the point.

Vib Ribbon was not afraid to go against the flow. It was ambitious and brought absolutely new gaming experiences.

Now is a wonderful time to be part of the PlayStation family, nurture audiences with games that inspire and delight. โ€ 6 years ago @manfightdragon) November 30, 2020Eta speech against the backdrop of Sony‘s shift towards โ€œsafe investmentโ€ was the cause of great dissatisfaction of players – and this is against the backdrop of the closure of Japan Studio, the lack of major game shows for PS5 and the coming shutdown of PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores. Sean Leiden unexpectedly left Sony in the autumn of 2019 without explanation – but already then it was seen that the PlayStation began a large-scale reshuffle.

Six months before, in February 2019, the head of the entire gaming direction of Sony became Jim Ryan – his many players consider the cause of PlayStation’s troubles, as he resembles โ€œuncle in jacketโ€. Sean Layden likes to present announcements nicely, whether it‘s The Last of Us: Part II, a MediEvil remake, a WipeOut remaster or a remake of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

Interestingly, Leiden himself actively likes the tweets of disgruntled people who don’t believe in the bright future of the PlayStation and want Sean‘s return to his former place. ‘Unfortunately, without people like Sean Layden at the head I doubt we‘ll get games like Patapon, MediEvil or even the new PlayStation All Stars.

I miss his enthusiasm for the history and legacy of the brand. โ€ โ€œYou were truly the best.

We miss it. You were such a passionate and great speaker that I realized that you were interested in something more than money from game sales.

It pains me to think that PlayStation is mistreating its studios. I hope you’re doing well.

โ€ โ€œHi Sean Layden! We miss you in the PlayStation ecosystem. โ€ โ€œI was very surprised by Sean‘s departure from PlayStation.

He was my favorite, and we should appreciate everything he did for the PlayStation. โ€ Analysts note that the negative sundress radio has recently formed around the PlayStation โ€” good news virtually no, especially against the backgroundMicrosoft with its Xbox Game Pass, and bad at least faze.

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