After Beugelsdijk ADO loses a decisive face after all

Lex After all, ADO Den Haag is leaving immediately. The contract for the 34-year-old club icon, which runs until 2022, has been dissolved by mutual consent. A specific reason for the departure is not given.

“We split up in a healthy and good way”, ADO states in a press release about the midfielder. “After all, despite the end of the partnership, we’re leaving through the front door.”

Also no more Brace Dike

Immers made his debut in 2007 in the main force ADO, the club of which he was a supporter as a child. In total he played – intermittently – eight seasons for ADO. In 258 duels he scored 49 times.

Weird feeling after all

Immers comments that ADO has meant a lot to him: “Of course it feels weird to leave the club. Although I am going to focus on something new, I will continue to cherish all the beautiful memories. My love for the club will never disappear.”

He goes on to say, “I’m satisfied with the way things have been handled with the club management and would like to thank the fans very much for their unconditional support.”