After criticism, Biden wants to allow four times as many refugees

US President Biden has increased the number of refugees allowed to be admitted this year to a maximum of 62,500. With his predecessor Trump this number was 15,000.

Previously, Biden kept to the lower number – despite pledges to let more people in – but he was criticized. He now declares that his action is flattening the historically low number of the previous government. According to him, the 15,000 did not reflect the values of โ€œa nation that welcomes and supports refugeesโ€.

Biden calls the decision important because, according to him, it removes doubt among refugees, who have โ€œsuffered so much and who are eagerly awaiting the moment when their new lives beginโ€.


It concerns people from all over the world, many of whom have been fleeing from conflict. Theyre being vetted while theyre still abroad. So it is not about migrants arriving at the border and applying for asylum.

Biden says that in practice it will probably not be possible to quickly let the promised 62,500 refugees in. But he says his government is working hard to โ€œundo the damage of the past four yearsโ€, referring to Trumps policy.