After Georgia, major swingstate Florida also enacts stricter electoral law

The governor of Florida has agreed to legislation that introduces new rules to election voting. After Georgia, Florida is the second US state to introduce such stricter rules.

In this way, residents should be able to identify themselves better if they apply for a power of attorney. Also, special mailboxes for postal voting can not always be used anymore and they need to be permanently monitored. To prevent the hoarding of ballots, people are only allowed to bring and hand in direct family notes and up to two unrelated people.

Governor DeSantis performed live in Fox Newss morning show as if he was signing the law on the spot, but a spokesman later said it was a ceremonial act and that the document was signed after the show. Other media were not allowed to be there, and Fox News himself said to be surprised by the governors action. The station thought he was just gonna give an interview.

Legacy of Trump

The law was not supported by any Democrat in the Florida Congress. The Democrats are therefore furious at the introduction of stricter rules and say that voting is deliberately made more difficult to exclude certain sections of the population: the elderly, the disabled, students and people of colour.

โ€œ It is undemocratic, unconstitutional and unAmerican,โ€ says the chairman of the Florida Womens League of Voters. Republicans say that the new conditions guarantee confidence in the electoral process.

Georgia also introduced stricter rules in March. There, for example, it is forbidden to feed voters who queue at the polling station a bottle of water or food. The law is the legacy of former President Trump, who continued to claim fraud involving postal votes, which has been repeatedly denied by various courts.

Similar legislation is being debated in Texas and Arizona, among others.