After months fans again at football match

More than a thousand people in a Dutch football stadium. That hasnt happened since September. Until today, because at the competition N.E.C – De Graafschap there were about 1100 fans present.

The football fans are actually a kind of guinea pigs. It is an experiment. Researchers hope to learn how to organize events safely at this time.


Rik (9) is a fan of N.E.C. and one of the guinea pigs. Especially for this competition he had to do his first corontest on Friday. The results were negative and so he was back in the football stadium for the first time in months.

Unfortunately for Rik, N.E.C lost the game of De Graafschap. Still, he had a successful day.

In the coming time there will be many more experiments with events. Which ones are, read below:

But what do you think? Should there be more things organised in which the public can be present? Let us know and respond to the statement!