After multiple rejections, WB Games managed to patent ‘Nemesis’ from Shadow of Mordor

Since 2015, WB Games has tried unsuccessfully to patent the Nemesis system from the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor dilogy, but until recently it has been consistently denied. Now everything has changed: on February 3, the US Patent and Trademark Office announced that on February 23, the patent for the Nemesis system will come into force. Warner Bros.

will have the option to retain the patent until 2035 if it pays mandatory dues. If in a nutshell, WB Games now owns a patent for a system of randomly generated non-playable characters that exist in the hierarchy, interact and remember player actions , depending on what they change their appearance and behavior.

They can also change their place in the hierarchy and change the positions of other characters in it. From February 23, all game developers who use a similar Nemesis system will have to contact Warner Bros.

to obtain a license to use it. More on CCeit Autumn Final Fantasy XIV will go to the moon along with the release on PlayStation 5 Kotaku editor-in-chief Steven Totilo left HITMAN 3 edition: PC transfer locations from the second part will appear this month.