After six years a new tone sounds in this organ piece that will last 639 years

An organ in the German city of Halberstadt attracted a lot of attention today. For almost twenty years the same piece of music can be heard continuously on the instrument. Over the past six years it has always sounded the same – until today.

The change of sound this weekend was a special moment for fans of the project. The change took place because new organ pipes were added, writes press agency Reuters.

“I don’t know if I like it, but I find it fascinating,” says one of the visitors:

The previous sound change in 2013 also attracted a large audience, but today only a limited number of people were allowed to enter the church due to the coronavirus burst. Outside, hundreds of interested people watched on a screen. The sound the instrument now makes can still be heard for 2527 days.

The piece of music, intended as an art project, started in 2001 and, if all goes well, will last until the year 2640. It is a piece by the American avant-garde composer John Cage. The organ is located in a small church in Halberstadt, about 200 kilometres from Berlin.

The piece of music is called As Slow As Possible (ORGAN/ASLSP) and the instrument was built especially for the project. It should last a total of 639 years.