Again big protests because of Breonna Taylor shot dead

Once again, thousands of Americans have taken to the streets in different cities. They‘re angry about the death of a black American woman, Breonna Taylor. The woman died six months ago when police officers shot her.

Yesterday it became clear that the officers do not have to go to court and therefore cannot be punished for it. A lot of people are angry and sad about that.

According to American law, the cops were allowed to shoot because they were also shot at. A lot of people are angry about that. They think there’s too much police brutality against black Americans and racism.

Arjen van der Horst works for the Youth Journal in the United States. He says they‘ve been shot more often unarmed black Americans.

In several cities, thousands of people demonstrated last night. It happened peacefully in most places, as in the capital Washington. But in Louisville, things got out of hand. That’s where the police were shot. Two officers were injured and dozens of protesters have been arrested.