Again chaos in Belgium: Mud flows through Dinant, cars are floating

Belgium is again ravaged by storm, resulting in hallucinant images. Especially in Wallonia, including the city of Dinant, there are serious problems and streets blank. Namur is also wrong. Among other things, a residential care center is evacuated at night.

The fire brigade is massively on site. In many places in Dinant, the water literally flows through the streets and his cars dragged away.

Around 20:00 the celestial locks broke open above Wallonia. In Dinant, Namur, several streets are blank by heavy rain showers on Saturday night. The damage is particularly close to the station and on the regional road to Philippeville, writes Het Nieuwsblad on the basis of local authorities.

According to an alderman there is half a metre of water here and there and at least 25 cars are floating on Route de Philippeville, the access road to the city. In doing so, traces on the Athus-Maas line are damaged, he says.

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โ€œIve never experienced this before,โ€ says former mayor and current provincial councilor Richard Fournaux, who has lived in Dinant near the Meuse for 57 years. The entire province of Namur is currently affected by local heavy thunderstorms. There is also flooding elsewhere.

De Cceit spoke to a meteorologist and a camping guest who enjoyed a holiday day today:

Fire Department

in Namur, near the casino, has happened a landslide. A wall has come down and fell into the street. The fire brigade tries to clear the road but must be careful because fears of larger landslides. Large areas of streets have been washed away.

In the streets, cars and homes are floating the water in many places up to half a meter high and more.

In Vedrin, near Namur, a health care center is evacuated because infiltrated water caused problems with electricity. The residents are accommodated with family or transferred.

Fire Department

In Sint-Gillis-Waas, several streets are blank around 9 p.m. The biggest problems arise at the classic bottlenecks such as Stationsstraat, Tybaertstraat, Gaversstraat and Pompstraat. The fire department does what they can do.

Pierre Bocca of the Namur fire zone, Andenne, Gembloux, ร‰ghezรฉe, says the fire brigades hands are short to answer all calls.

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Above the villages of Pepinster, Chaudfontaine and Trooz, a drone flew Saturday afternoon to urge residents to leave.

โ€œWith the drone equipped with a loudspeaker, we notify the people who were previously hit by the floods to go to the first floor during the storms predicted to go to the first floor or to find another place,โ€ says the chief of Vesder Alain Barbier police zone. โ€œWith the drones camera, we can also see how the river behaves. This allows us to provide information as soon as possible when needed.โ€

On Saturday, the Liรจge Governor Hervรฉ Jamar convened an emergency meeting. All services involved, civil protection, fire brigade, military, shelters are ready and can therefore respond if necessary. โ€œAn evacuation plan has also been drawn up,โ€ said the Governor.


least until 10 p.m., code orange applies in most of Belgium. In the Netherlands, code yellow applies to the north.