Again demonstration against coronapas in France, massiveness seems to decline

France has been demonstrated for the eighth consecutive weekend against the corona measures and in particular the corona pass to be shown when visiting a cafรฉ, restaurant, cinema, theatre or museum. According to the Ministry of Interior, 140,000 people participated, 18,000 of whom were in Paris.

There, part of the protesters went into an underground shopping mall. The fists clenched and โ€œFreedom!โ€ shouting, the protesters pushed past the security guards.

The police arrested three participants here for overt assault and offending officers:

According to a survey published yesterday, 67 percent of French are behind the corona pass. The number of participants in these demonstrations seems to be declining. It was still 160,000 last week and 175,000 the week before.

Two thirds of the 67 million French are fully vaccinated, another five percent have had one dose.

In France, stricter coronavirus rules went into force on 9 August. Among other things, French people who want to have a bite to eat in a restaurant should show a vaccination or test proof at the door.

This restaurant owner had to refuse several people already because they didnt have a corona pass: