Again demonstrations in Louisville, curfew extended

In the American city of Louisville, Kentucky, on Thursday evening (local time), hundreds of people once again went out to the streets in displeasure at the decision to prosecute one of the three police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor (26). They were setting up windows and wreaking havoc.

In demonstrations on Wednesday, involving thousands of people, two police officers were shot and 127 people arrested, in particular for violating the curfew imposed by the protests.

Police head Robert Schroeder said at a press conference that he expected the demonstrations to continue in the next few days and that the curfew will be extended until after the weekend. National Guard troops have been deployed to support local police in keeping order.

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky has summoned the prosecutor in his state to disclose any information from the investigation into the shooting that killed Taylor. โ€œWe should show all the people in Kentucky, evaluate it, and then come to the truth,โ€ said Beshear.

Drug dealer

Taylor, a black woman, was killed in her own house by police balls in March. Her ex-boyfriend was suspected of using the apartment as a place to deal drugs. Officers arrived at the apartment with a search warrant. When it wasnt opened, officers broke in the door and Taylors ex opened fire. When the police responded, Taylor was fatally hit.

Police officer Brett Hankison, who was already discharged in June, was not charged with killing Taylor, but for needlessly endangering her neighbors. The other two agents who allegedly fired shots are not prosecuted at all, as has already been predicted by lawyers. Taylors death has become a prominent case for the Black Lives Matter movement, which is protesting against racism and excessive police brutality.