Again dozens of air strikes Israel on Gaza

Israel again carried out dozens of air strikes on the Gaza Strip on the night of Sunday to Monday. Just after midnight, explosions were heard for about ten minutes.

Palestinian militants would also have fired missiles at the southern cities of Ber Sheva and Ashkelon. Nothing has been known from either side of the world about any casualties.

The Israeli army confirms the attacks on Twitter. The military talks about โ€œextensive attacks on terrorist targets.โ€ The houses of nine high-ranking commanders of the Hamas movement would have been shot at. The Hamas intelligence complex would also have been one of the targets of the attacks. Press agency AFP reports that there are power outages in various places.

Israel and militant Palestinians have been bombarding each other for about a week. Hamas continuously fires missiles and Israel strikes back with air strikes. This is the most serious armed conflict in the area since 2014, and at least 42 Palestinians would have died in the Gaza Strip on Sunday alone, including 13 children, with a total of 200. More than a thousand people have also been injured. Ten deaths have been killed on the Israeli side.

Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have been driven to new lows by the threat of expulsion of families from an Arab neighbourhood in East Jerusalem. They must make way for Jewish settlers. It led to fierce protests at the Al-Aqsamoskee and shelling over and over again between fighters from, among others, the Hamas movement in Gaza and the Israeli armed forces.