Again engine problems with Boeing 777: aircraft makes emergency landing in Moscow

A Boeing 777 of the airline Rossiya Airlines had to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday morning (local time) due to engine problems. The emergency landing comes less than a week after a similar aircraft from United Airlines over the city of Denver lost parts of an engine after it had caught fire.

The flight of Rossiya Airlines carried cargo from Hong Kong to Madrid, according to an employee of the Moscow Airport Sheremetyevo. Neither Boeing nor Rossiya Airlines was readily available for comment.

The crew of the aircraft requested the emergency landing after the left engine had been given cure, reports the Russian news agency Interfax. There were no wounded during the emergency landing.


What type of engine is at the Rossiya Airlines-Boeing is not yet known. The incident in the United States was with a Boeing 777 with a PW4077 engine from the manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. A preliminary study of the pieces that had been broken off by the Boeing engine showed that there was a crack in it that had grown over time. As a result of the incident, all Boeing 777 aircraft with the corresponding engine are currently on the ground.

The Boeing 747-400 from Longtail Aviation, of which parts broke down above Maastricht on Saturday, also has a Pratt & Whitney engine.